Short Wave Diathermy

Short wave diathermy (also called as electro-coagulation or electro cautery) is an effective way of treating facial thread/spider veins. It offers an excellent method of reducing or even eliminating the thread veins (also called as spider naevi or telangiectasia).

The down time is minimal and the results can be appreciated within a couple of weeks after treatment.

At Walsall Skin Clinic, the doctor will use the Epil 100 electrolysis machine, which is one of the most accepted and used diathermy systems in use throughout the UK and overseas. The diathermy machine works by applying a tiny amount of current just below the surface of the skin by using a fine needle. The diathermy current delivered by the Epil 100 is somewhat smoother than many of its competitors making it more comfortable for the clients. The current would heat and seal the vein, which after a few weeks would shrink and wither.

Treatment would normally take about 10 to 20 minutes.

The treated areas may have some redness and inflammation which will settle down in a few hours.

Results can be appreciated after 4 to 6 weeks when the veins become less noticeable.

Thread vein removal using short wave diathermy is a safe, comfortable and highly effective procedure. With minimal down time and long-term results, this is a fantastic treatment for spider veins on the face.